Dr. Who Club of Western MA
This is a fan club for Doctor Who and is not an official page of the BBC. The Doctor and his companions travel through space and time in a British police box that is larger on the inside, than it is on the outside.

The Meetup site is the most important tool for our events, so it is important to sign up there if you would like to hear about our events in a timely manner. It also has more information about our group, area resources, and sci-fi conventions.

This group is open to all regardless of age or gender, although to join our site at Meetup.com and attend events in private homes, you need to be at least 18 or with your parents.

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JUST 3 DAYS LEFT: pre-reg for InConCeivable ends Aug 8!! This awesome con is coming up in Northampton, MA Aug 15-17. Dr. Who Club of Western MA is presenting THREE panel discussions on Doctor Who. Fri 7:30pm-9pm Ladies of Dr. Who; Sat noon-1 Dr. Who 50 Years into the Future; Sun 11am-noon Dr. Who: Then, Now & In Between. Click here for details. Panelists include: Alicia Brody,Lindsay Sattin, George Claxton, Amy Tayloe, Ellie Hillis, Joe, Andy Steinberg, and Michael Dow.
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-John Barrowman from Doctor Who, Torchwood;  
-Eve Myles from Torchwood 
-Jewel Staite from Firefly. 
-Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones 
-Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings 
-Sam Witwer from Being Human 
-Katie Cassidy from Arrow

Check for updates at www.bostoncomiccon.com

Be sure to stop by and say hi to our member and local author Matt Herring. He will be selling his new book, the “Unofficial Doctor Who Companion’ and staffing the Secret Identity Podcast Booth #D419. Matt is co-host of the twice weekly podcast.

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Matt Herring at The Underground Cafe
Ever wonder what’s up with that blue police box?

Local author and WHOvian, Matt Herring, will be presenting his newest book, The Unofficial Doctor Who Companion. Join us as we dive into 50 years of Doctor Who using Matt Herring’s guidebook for a fun and fast paced adventure. There will also be a chance for Q & A, as well as book signings.

It’s called the TARDIS!

When: 2014-08-01
7:30 - 11:00 PM
Where: The Underground Cafe
522 Springfield Street
Feeding Hills, MA

Phone: 413.821.0997
Email: TheUnderground@wlcq.com
Link: http://www.facebook.com/theundergroundcafe

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who(haha get it), is your favorite, including classic, docter

Tom Baker is my favorite. He had such a unique look and personality. Tom Baker is a very good actor, funny, and witty.

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Many cool cosplays from Connecticon. 

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Please tell me Rose Tyler doesn't die.. Please!?

I believe she has not. 

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Our sister group, Western MA Star Trek Fans is presenting talk by artist Rob Caswell Saturday June 28 at 2pm. Pi-Con overall is June 27-29, Enfield, CT. More info at www.Meetup.com/4StarTrek

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Pretty cool!

Dr. Who Club of Western MA     www.DrWhoClub.com

Pretty cool!

Dr. Who Club of Western MA     www.DrWhoClub.com

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New group!!! Western MA STAR TREK Meetup Group

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